Stitching wire



The stitching wire GOST 3282-74 is made uncoated or copper-plated. The stitching wire is intended for stitching printing, white and cardboard products, as well as wooden boxes for fruits and vegetables.


The wire is made of low-carbon wire rod.

проволока для сшивания
проволока для сшивания

The surface of the wire must not have cracks or rust. The coating on the wire must be solid, without gaps and cracks visible without the use of magnifying devices.


Local copper surges are allowed, which increase the actual wire diameter by an amount not exceeding the positive limit deviation.


The adhesion of the copper coating to the steel base must be strong. The coating should not crack and peel off when the wire is coiled in six tight turns on a cylindrical mandrel with a diameter equal to four times the diameter of the coiled wire.



Проволока для сшивания Проволока для сшивания
Проволока для сшивания Проволока для сшивания



The stitching wire is supplied on frame coils of 15 and 350 kg, wound in tight, UN-tangled rows and free to wind, while the wire should not be rolled into a ” figure of eight»

Проволока для сшивания
Проволока для сшивания

Each coil of wire for stitching is packed in a film and cardboard box, which is attached a label that indicates:

  • trademark or name and trademark of the manufacturer
  • symbol of the stitching wire
  • weight
  • diameter
  • batch
  • melting
  • date
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