Medical wire


We are a manufacturer of medical mask wire (also known as nasal retainer, twist tape).


For manufacturing, steel knitting wire with a cross-sectional diameter of 0.4 ; 0.5; 0.6 mm, covered with a polymer sheath (polypropylene). It looks like a flat white ribbon with a flexible shaft inside. Finished wire width – from 3 mm. Supplied in 5 kg spools.

Проволока для медицинских масок
Проволока для медицинских масок

The wire has sufficient flexibility and reliably fixes the mask on the bridge of the nose, without causing discomfort, as it adjusts to the size of the nose. Smooth, does not spoil the woven and non-woven materials of medical masks, suitable for heavy and dense fabrics.


The polymer coating extends the life of the wire by protecting the steel from moisture (water, sweat). It can be used in the production of medical masks, respirators and in other areas of the national economy.

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