Floral wire

We are the first and only manufacturers of floral (Herbert wire) in Ukraine.



Floral wire is used for creating flowers, branches, making flower bouquets and compositions, jewelry, etc.


Wire for creating flowers can be of any color, but the most popular floral wires are green, white, brown. You can easily choose a wire of any color and cross-section diameter to suit your individual needs.

Флористическая проволока купить
Флористическая проволока купить

We make two types of floral wire


The first type is floral wire, which is wrapped with paper, which prevents its oxidation when it comes to contact with food and flowers from slipping off. It bends perfectly, thus making it possible to give the stem the desired bend. Wire is used as a base on which you can stretch fabrics, soft felt, paper, threads and thinner wire. Also, the wire can be used at carnival costumes and hats, thanks to it fabric does not fall, keeps the specified shape and volume. It is very easy to glue clay, cold porcelain, and foamiran or fabric to it.


The second type of wire, which is used both in ordinary floristics and in the manufacture of flowers from various materials, is Herbert wire, an ordinary steel wire painted in a natural green shade.

Knowing what metal is at the base of the wire, you can give an estimate of flexibility and rigidity of future wire structures to create one or another

The main characteristic for a wire is its diameter, which is measured in millimeters (mm).



Each of the above products has its own scope of application and it is in this area
that it provides maximum convenience to the user.



The wire can be cut to 30-80 cm in any packaging
It all depends on your individual wishes!

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