Wire for stitching machines



We offer printing wire for stitching machines.


The printing wire is produced on our equipment and meets the highest requirements. The wire is certified and meets all European quality standards.

Проволока для проволокошвейных машин
Проволока для проволокошвейных машин

At the request of the customer, the wire for the stitching machines can be polished without coating, as well as copper-plated.


Designed for stitching printing, white paper and cardboard products on wire sewing machines.


More than 10 years of experience, traditions and new developments serve as a guarantee of the quality of the products. Along with standard round wire, we can make flat wire. Each type can be of different diameter 0.50–1.00 mm. The wire can be supplied in packages from 2 to 1000 kg.

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