Sports field mesh


Our company offers to buy a metal mesh
for fencing sports grounds at a bargain price.


Metal sports fences are characterized by increased rigidity, withstand repeated hits of sports equipment (football, tennis balls, etc.), are resistant to deformation and retain their original shape throughout the entire service life.

Сетка для спортивных площадок
Сетка для спортивных площадок

Our experts will help you choose the best type of fencing for you and fulfill your order as quickly and efficiently as possible. The nets are made in compliance with all technologies, such sports fences can withstand any operating conditions.

Barrage mesh for gyms
and stadiums is different:



Сетка для спортивных площадок
Сетка для спортивных площадок
  • reliability and durability
  • wear resistance
  • the optimal ratio of price and quality
  • a wide range of mesh sizes
  • the choice of the diameter and color of the coating
  • the possibility of manufacturing according to individual sizes
  • resistance to external influences
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