PVC coated wire


Polymer (polyvinyl chloride) coated wire is made of low-carbon
wire of normal quality according to GOST 3282-74.



PVC coated wire has a fairly extensive application, for example in agriculture for stretching trellises; as well as for the production of netting and gabion mesh structures, which makes it possible to fence garden plots, sports complexes, playgrounds, airports, animal enclosures, tennis courts, etc.

Проволока с ПВХ покрытием
Проволока с ПВХ покрытием

High-quality PVC coating is not afraid of humidity and ambient temperature up to -35C, thereby reliably protecting the wire from the effects of corrosion processes, significantly extending the service life of such wire. The operation of PVC wire fences can reach 25-30 years.

LLC Metiz Brovary, PVC coated wire, Buy, Ukraine.
LLC Metiz Brovary, PVC coated wire, Buy, Ukraine.

Polymer-coated wire usually has a green color, but there may be other colors




Advantages of PVC wire products:


  • Beautiful appearance. The color of plastic can fit harmoniously into the landscape design of the territory;
  • Ecological compatibility. Plastic does not harm the environment
  • PVC coating does not fade in the sun
  • Acid protection




Mechanical property


Nominal diameter, mmAlleged deviations in the wire diameter Temporary tear resistance, N/mm2 (kgf/mm2)2 (кгс/мм2) Type of packaging –
bunch weight, kg
1,6±0.05590-1180 (60-120)50-130, can be manufactured starting from a diameter of 1.6 mm in heavy-duty bunch of 950-1100
1,8±0.05590-1180 (60-120)
2±0.05590-1180 (60-120)
2,5±0.05590-1180 (60-120)
3±0.06540-1080 (55-110)
3,5±0.08540-1080 (55-110)
4±0.08440-930 (45-95)
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