Copper-plated wire

Wire MIG/MAG G3SI1/G4SI1(SG2/SG3)/ER 70 S-6



Typical application:


  • The source material for the middle section
    and a heavy section rolling mill
  • Low-carbon steel welding
  • Automotive repair
Омедненная проволока
Омедненная проволока

Basic information:


  • It’s used with automatic and semi-automatic welding machines
  • Can be used with protective gases (100% CO2, 80% Argon / 20% CO2)
  • Can be coated with copper for better storage



Mechanical property:


PackagingTemporary tensile strength N/mm2 Variations in the tensile strength at break of a single coil N / mm2 maximum
K300, K300MS, D300, D200882-127498
Coils up to 60-120 kg / 500-1100 kg882-127498
Copper-coated wire
K300, K300MS, D300, D200882-127498



Wire composition, %


G3SI1/ SG20,06-0,140,70-1,001,30-1,60<0,025<0,025<0,35<0,15<0,15<0,15<0,02<0,03<0,15
G4SI1/ SG30,06-0,140,80-1,201,60-1,90<0,025<0,025<0,35<0,15<0,15<0,15<0,02<0,03<0,15
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